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Men's Everyday Essential Supplements: Men's Ulta Multivitamin, Mega EPA/DHA Fish Oil and EZ Daily Greens Powder

Men's Everyday Essential Supplements: Men's Ulta Multivitamin, Mega EPA/DHA Fish Oil and EZ Daily Greens Powder

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STAY STRONG:  This men’s multivitamin may promote better focus and energy throughout the day. Contains phytonutrients minerals and vitamins specific to a man’s best health.  Combined with EZ Daily Greens, this product could improve men’s muscle tone and bone health. EPA and DHA are fatty acids such as omega-3 fats, found in cold water fish. In combination, they provide health benefits that are potent to a man's workout or everyday stress reduction needs.

YOUR BODY'S FRIEND: The primary goal of using omega-3 fatty acids is to reduce cellular inflammation. EPA is the key component and combined with DHA; these nutrients assist in maintaining a healthy and robust body.  Good immune support and added vitality may occur. This organic health supplement is ideal for men’s unique health needs. Combined with EZ Daily Greens these vitamins provide phytonutrients that assist in refreshing and oxygenating the body which is necessary for strong muscles and bones.

WHAT’S INSIDE: 120 Capsules filled with a Mega dose of EPA, DHA, omega- 3 fats and phytonutrients to promote bone health, muscle health, and men's best health.

HOW TO USE:  Take one capsule of Men’s Ultra Multiple preferably with food. Food may help with absorption and breakdown of nutrients in this product. Combine with EZ Daily Greens powder for superb results in overall health, wellness, and stamina.

EZ Daily Greens: Mix one scoop with 8-10 ounces of cold water 1-2 times daily.  Can also be mixed with juice or blended as a shake. Best taken before a meal to help with weight loss as it provides a feeling of fullness.

Fish Oil Mega EPA/DHA: Take one capsule daily with 8 ounces of water.  Could help to reduce or maintain weight. Can also be taken before or with a meal.

INGREDIENTS:  A combination of EPA, DHA, Omega-3’s, vitamins and minerals to help you function at your best. Please see product label(s) for full list of ingredients.

DISCLAIMER: EZ Health Solutions does not intend to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Talk to your doctor before beginning any new supplement regimen or if you may be allergic to any of its ingredients. If any unwanted reactions occur, talk to your doctor.

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