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30 Days Workout Plans for Endomorphs Body Type

There are three body types that are most common among us. 

Ectomorph: Lean and long, with difficulty building muscle.


Endomorph: Big, high body fat, often pear-shaped, with a high tendency to store body fat.


Mesomorph: Muscular and well-built, with a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.


How do Endomorphs lose weight?


The thinking goes that endomorphs do best when they focus on reducing calorie intake and taking in more protein, healthy fats, and low-carb foods. Catudal says this approach will help them trim fat, reduce their waistline, and improve insulin resistance. Here are the foods you're allowed to eat on an endomorph diet. 


Here is one workout challenge that's specifically made for endomorphs type. If you have endomorphs body type & follow through this workout. You will see the result in a week.


There is another one workout challenge that we found really helpful. It's slightly different from the first one and specifically on belly fat & abs. You can follow any  of these two. 



We hope to publish new workout plans for other body types pretty soon. Best of luck. 

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